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Let it Go to Watch it Grow Under the Full Moon in Virgo

“Perfection is not prerequisite for anything but pain.” ~ Danna Faulds

You are willing to love imperfect and contradictory people because you are willing to love yourself.” ~ Astrologer Alice Sparkly Cat

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Virgo governs the domain of detail: the mundane, nitty-gritty and sometimes tedious aspects of our lives, such as doing the dishes, taking a shower or walking the dog.

Our daily tasks can either be a cause for hyper-anxiety, self-criticism and over-analysis, or give us a sense of self-worth, ground us in the present moment, help us to heal, and be a healing source for others.

Turning a habitual routine into a ritual can be a matter of choosing to bring a mindful attention and loving awareness to the moment. Rather than overthink, over-examine and over-prune, this full moon invites us to practice surrender, lean on our intuition, trust life’s natural cycles and let our curiosity lead us.

This full moon dates back to something that began around the Virgo new moon on August 27, 2022 having to do with our physical/ mental health, work life or daily routine. What is there to celebrate since then? What can be released?

You might also ask yourself:

~ What does letting go actually help me to accomplish?

~ Do my routines serve me? Or the other way around?

~ How might confusion be a sign of my humanity?


Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything. Nothing is static, everything is evolving, everything is falling apart.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk

Mercury, the ruler of this Virgo full moon, is co-present with Saturn in Pisces, the social planet of boundaries, structure and limits. Saturn will invite us as a human collective* to explore the following themes until it leaves Pisces on May 24th, 2025:

~ An awareness of what is out of our immediate control

~ Time to focus on inner life and connect with our soul

~ Spiritual practice, metaphysical interests, group therapy

~ Grieving loss, especially that came since March 2020

~ Trusting in divine timing and the flow of life

~ Preparing for a future which has not yet appeared

*Those born between the following dates have their natal Saturn in Pisces and may experience the above topics more intensely over the next ~two years as they enter their “Saturn Return,” a period of deep reflection, letting go and starting over:

Feb 14, 1935—April 25, 1937

Oct 17, 1937—Jan 14, 1938

March 23-1964—Sept 16, 1964

Dec 16, 1964—March 3, 1967

May 21, 1993—June 30, 1993

Jan 28, 1994—April 7, 1996

How has this week been treating you? How do you feel heading into the next ~two year Saturn cycle? I would love to hear in the comments below.

Sending love always,



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