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"After listening again to my session with Ashley via recording, I was almost moved to tears. I cannot tell you DEAD ON my natal chart reading was. I see my Saturn Return as a super pivotal point and feel so blessed to be open to what the Universe has in store.

This session was a gift I will treasure forever!"  -E.W.

M E N U  O F  O F F E R I N G S


Natal Chart Consultation

Image by Megumi Nachev

Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Synastry (Relational)

Current Events Reading

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Celtic Cross
Tarot Reading

Pink Cute Chic Vintage 90s Virtual Trivi

Follow Up

"My astrology reading was everything I’d hoped it would be, and so much more. Ashley has the patience of a saint and the wisdom of a soul that has journeyed through this universe for a long time. I was so enchanted by all of the relevant information that came through in the reading, and how easy it was to see and make so many connections with different aspects of my life. I really loved the way Ashley took the time to listen and guide me through any questions I had. This reading was absolutely spectacular and I highly recommend the experience!"


~ Sydney H.

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