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Seasonal Daylong Yoga Retreats In-Studio

with Ashley

A Daylong Yoga and Meditation Journey for Radical Self-Expression, Self-Nourishment and Self-Liberation

GET TO BETTER KNOW AND LOVE YOURSELF through awareness practices designed to release blocks and fears keeping you from experiencing your true nature

Featuring Ashley's favorite teachings:

Hatha yoga • free dance • free writing • sacred circle • tarot • restorative yoga • yogassage • yoga Nidra


"Retreat to Paradise and Yourself" in the mountains of Costa Rica

with Ashley Matthews, Greg Barringer, Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa and S.S. Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa

April 8th-15th, 2023

Pura Vida Retreat and Spa, Allajuela, Costa Rica

Explore ~ Heal ~ Awaken ~ Transform

Self Love ~  Loving Others : The journey begins with you, as we develop a more kind, honest, loving relationship with yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We’ll explore our relationships and attachments, our internal and external patterns, and discover how we may create more considerate, supportive and loving relationships with ourselves and others.


Access the Divine ~ Awaken the Goddess : Building upon love, we dive deeper into awareness, consciousness, shamanic energy, the possibilities of non-dualism, oneness, and purpose. Explore, strengthen, and balance our divine feminine and masculine wisdom and power.

Seven days in the jungle including: Rest & Relaxation, Hatha & Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Mantra, Self-Inquiry & Cultural Norms, Eastern & Western Philosophy, Psychology, Practice, Dance & Fun!

Please note: our retreat goes beyond rejuvenation and self-care; it is designed as an immersion into you. You’ll be fully supported in your evolutionary process in this beautiful, nurturing place. A strong practice of yoga/meditation is not required, but you should look forward to diving in and exploring both inner and outer transformation.

Spring Renewal Retreat 2023
Ocean Point Room
Stage Neck Inn, York Harbor, Maine
Meditation, Astrology and Spirituality Retreat 2022
York Harbor Guest Room View
Harborview Deluxe King Bedroom

Self-Care, Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness Retreats

March 25-27, 2022; April 28-30, 2023

at the Stage Neck Inn, York Harbor, Maine


This spiritual self-care retreat is designed for you to breakaway from the daily expectations of your life and receive support, wisdom and soul-replenishment.  As my teacher Jonathan Foust says, “our duty is to to fill up our cup so that it overflows onto others.”  You'll experience:


~ morning and afternoon Hatha yoga classes, Yoga Nidra, and guided meditation for deep restoration of mind, body and spirit


~ a two-hour workshop on the current planetary cycles, their impact upon your own birth chart, and how to use astrology to empower your life // individual tarot readings


~ guided writing exercises and the invitation to participate in a sacred sharing circle for self-expression and meaningful connection

Natural Herbs

Ayurveda: What's Your Dosha?


When: Saturday, June 22

Time: 11:30 - 1:30p.m.

Location: Repose Yoga, 49 Liberty Street, Newburyport, MA

Cost: $25 ($35 after 6/18)


"When the soul proves its existence in the body it is called Ayu (life)." - The Vedas

Disease largely results from unconsciously being out of sync with the biorhythms of the universe. This understanding underscores Ayurveda, or "life knowledge,” the most ancient approach to optimal health. In this lecture you will learn about the three doshas, or bodily constitutions (vita, pitta, kapha) and how you can achieve balance through this expanded awareness. You will leave with practical Ayurvedic routines that you can implement into your daily life which aid in digestion, proper elimination, sound sleep, and a clear mind. More than just a preventive measure for disease, Ayurveda seeks to remedy each individual’s unique imbalances on a physical, mental and spiritual level in order to assist the soul’s evolution.

ash and greg.jpg

BALI 2019: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Paradise!

with Ashley Matthews and Greg Barringer

March 14 - 23 2019

S-Resorts, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Explore ~ Open ~ Release ~ Transform

10 days to:

Explore the world, the universe and you

Open your heart, body and mind to your divine nature

Release the blocks and fears keeping you from joy and aliveness

Transform your life; align with your deepest purpose and desires

Join Greg and Ashley as they expertly guide you on a journey to your true nature, a divine being, worthy and capable of great love, connection, and peace. Through yoga, meditation, dance, dialogue, journaling

and other practices you will transform your perspective on

yourself and the world in which we live.

EO workshop.jpg

Restorative Yoga and the Relaxing Effects of Essential Oils

with Ashley Matthews, Chris Morton and Jan Swindlehurst

When: Sunday, November 18

Time: 1:00-4:30p.m.

Location: The Barn, 88 Green Street, Newbury, MA

Cost: $80 cash or check 

To help deal more effectively with the stressful climate we live in and seasonal challenges of this time of year, Chris, Jan and I will be offering a three and a half hour workshop to help restore and balance body, mind, and spirit . Through out the restorative yoga and yoga nidra time, we will be diffusing a grounding and calming anti-anxiety blend of balsam fir, tangerine, cinnamon and clove . To activate the power of association, the smell will be linked with relaxation and you can continue the association by taking  inhalers home with you . There will be two other tree oils introduced; one that fosters spiritual strength and one that will enhance  self-confidence when setting your sankalpa /intention that will be part of yoga nidra. 


Yoga nidra will occur at the end of the restorative yoga. It is both a technique for relaxation and a method used to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. It is a state similar to deep sleep except the practitioner is awake and aware. The practice blends together aspects of affirmations, progressive relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, witnessing techniques, inner visualizations, awareness of states of energy, and the development of one-pointed-ness.


Monthly Full Moon Meditation Circles

When the unapologetic light of the sun shines fully on the watery moon once every 28 days, we are challenged to embrace our emotional needs and desires as well as our own soul's evolution.

The SUN represents what the world sees (our ego, consciousness) while the MOON represents what the world typically does not see (the id, or subconscious). This is why it is important to pay attention to the moon's cycles.


Join us monthly on the full moon for two hours of sacred sangha (community), meditation, tea, pulling of tarot cards, journaling, relaxation and alchemy.

Read what people are saying from past moon circles here. Also please note there is a 24 hour no-refund cancellation policy due to their popularity.

Moon Gazing

"Your Eyes Are Full of Moon": A Lunar Workshop

When: Tuesday, October 23

Time: 6:30-8:30p.m.

Location: Salt and Grove, Prince Place, Newburyport

As a society we have lost touch with the part of us that knows how to rest, nourish and take good care of ourselves so that we can support others.


Our sun sign represents the torch we carry to show others the way, while our moon sign indicates what we need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable within ourselves.


Join Ashley, Certified Astrologer, in identifying the high and low side expressions of your individual moon sign, as well as the area of life it activates based on its placement in your birth chart.


You will also discover what area of your life will be highlighted during the full moon on October 24.

This special evening will include journaling, community, and maybe even some bubbly! You will need to know your exact birth date, place and time and email that to Ashley by Monday, October 22 at 9a.mContact Ashley directly with any questions.

Hindu Wedding Ritual

Yoga and Henna: Movement, Meditation and Henna Gathering

When: Tuesday, October 9

Time: 6:00-8:00p.m.

Location: PITA Hall, 8 Plum Island Turnpike


Join Yoga instructors Sarah Oleson and Ashley Matthews for a night of mindful movement, meditation, and henna art. Flow through a guided vinyasa practice led by Sarah, then relax deeply with mindful meditation and song with Ashley. Enjoy tea and treats, while receiving a hand drawn henna piece from Ashley! 

Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing. The small henna tattoo will last up to two weeks. Treats and tea will be provided by The Juicery.



Visit for more info and to purchase tickets! Day passes available.

Ashley will be teaching a 90-minute yoga class entitled "Slow Flow & Yin: Soften into the Wonder of Who You Are" Saturday at 9a.m. You do not want to miss this amazing line-up of teachers, artists, musicians, and vendors!

Hand by the Sea

Buddhism & Yoga: An Experiential Workshop
Saturday, July 8, 2017

Repose Yoga Studio, 49 Liberty Street, Newburyport, MA

“May I live with ease.” ~ Buddhist saying

In this workshop we will uncover the Buddhist origins of yoga and learn how to incorporate the principles of this ancient secular tradition into our practice on and off the mat. With an interactive lecture followed by a mindfulness, meditation-centered practice, you will learn ways to apply the Buddhist teachings of “non-attachment”, gain a clear understanding of the difference between ‘mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’, and get practical tips for finding more ease in your daily life.

Uniting Shiva and Shakti: Becoming Whole

A Yoga & Meditation Retreat Lead by Niav Connor, Assisted by Ashley Matthews

March 4-11, 2017

Haramara Retreat Center, Sayulita, Mexico

How do we find wholeness in a universe of opposites, duality, and contradiction? How do we make sense of the push/pull, up/down roller coaster of life? How do we flow with ease in the midst of conflict? Tantra is the weaving or integrating of opposites, the cosmic dance of all forms of polarity as they merge into oneness – sun & moon, masculine & feminine, spirit & matter, light & dark. On this retreat we explore the great human journey of duality, the spanda of opposites, investigating the sacred pulse of all life. We find the answers as we turn inward toward the only place we find wholeness, our own Being.

Come play in the lush jungle of Sayulita, Mexico at the glorious Haramara Retreat Center! Open to all levels, each practice incorporates the yogic tools of asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath practices), mudra (energetic seals), and mantra (sound healing). We’ll greet each day with an energizing morning practice and wind down with a restorative evening practice. Dharana (concentration/meditation practice), visualization, and yoga nidra (yogic sleep) offer deeper support to the physical practices. There will be an abundance of free time to swim, sun bathe, enjoy a massage, discover the town of Sayulita, horseback ride, surf, SUP, snorkel and bask in the luscious tropical beauty of Haramara!

Plants on the Window

Finding Ease in Being

When: Sunday, December 11, 2016

Time: 7:00-8:30p.m.

Where: Repose Yoga Studio, 49 Liberty Street, Newburyport, MA

As we move through the busyness of our lives, especially during the holidays, it can be difficult to remember our true nature. In this workshop, we will slow down and participate in a guided practice that delves through the layers, or “sheaths,” of being. Yoga Nidra, or yoga sleep, takes the practitioner into a deep state of relaxation where the body sleeps but consciousness is fully awake. This deep sleep practice has been found to help reduce anxiety and stress and increase a quality of calmness and clarity. Give yourself the gift of experiencing a quiet, soothing practice during a hectic, busy time of the year.

Harvesting Our Inner Bounty: Embrace Shadow & Reclaim Light

A Retreat with Ashley Matthews and Niav Connor

October 19-22, 2017 at a private

Boutique Eco Retreat Estate in Tiverton, RI


Inspired by the New Moon of Libra, this retreat begins at the darkest time of the moon cycle, a time of new beginnings, manifestation & rebirth. All life begins in the dark. Humans are born through the dark portal of the womb. Other life forms begin in either the inky blackness of the ocean or the dark rich soil of Mother Earth. The light calls us forward out of the darkness!

One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and others is the study of our inner world. This includes the darker aspects of ourselves that we either consciously suppress in fear of rejection or subconsciously avoid. This process of self-study in the yogic tradition is called svadhyaya. 


On this retreat we harness the great balancing aspect of the scales of Libra as we investigate our own inner world. We embrace shadow by shining the light of awareness on the hidden, cast away or rejected parts of self. Together we cultivate the courage to face ourselves fully and receive the bounty of inner riches that await us on the other side. You come to see the dark is not so scary after all!


Supported by community, yoga, meditation, writing, and ceremony, while embraced in love and light, we dispel our fears together.  Sometimes what we believe to be a snake in the grass is really a harmless garden hose! 


The retreat cost includes morning & evening yoga practices, our own private chef providing all gourmet organic meals, & sleeping accommodations.




All-Inclusive Investment:

Triple: $600 | SOLD OUT

Double: $685 | SOLD OUT
Single: $895 | SOLD OUT
Deluxe Single: $1,300 | SOLD OUT

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space. 

Full payment is due by October 5.

Yoga Nidra: Accessing ease in the body, space in the mind, joy in the heart

When: Sunday, November 12, 2017

Time: 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Where: Pause Yoga Studio, Amesbury, MA

Cost: $25 pre-register | $30 drop-in

Do you often experience the feeling of being "caught up" in thoughts, like you just can't seem to detach from the monkey in your mind? We often let ourselves trick our Selves into thinking that we have no control when it comes to managing the way we speak, think, act, and react. Why? Because it's hard to slow down long enough to realize that there is a space beneath it all from where we have a choice.

During this two-hour workshop you will give yourself the gift of experiencing a true slowing down of the body-mind. After guided meditation and journaling toward realizing your sankalpa, or heart's resolve, and 45 minutes of gentle movement, you will be guided through a long Yoga Nidra to allow the body to sleep but consciousness to remain awake.  During this time you are invited to remember that you are not the thoughts; you have thoughts... And gain access to the joy in your heart.


Please bring a notebook and pen.

Demystifying Astrology: Reclaim the Power of the Stars


Where: Salt and Grove, 7 Prince Place, Suite 102, Newburyport, MA

Date: Tuesday, June 26

Time: 6:30-8:00p.m.

Have you heard of your moon sign, but not really sure what it means? What about ‘Mercury retrograde’? Join Certified Alchemical Astrologer Ashley Matthews to demystify the basics of western astrology. Astrology is a tool that allows us to learn about our own karmic path as well as our individual and relational tendencies. You will walk away understanding the difference between planets, signs, houses and aspects, the basic elements and “modes” of the 12 zodiacal signs, the difference between your sun, moon, and rising sign, and the reasons behind astrological compatibility. 


If you are not aware of your sun, moon and rising sign, please feel free to enter your birth info into the free form on and bring with you a print copy of your birth chart. If you do not know your birth time, try telephoning the hospital or city in which you were born.

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