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Ha∙tha (Sanskrit): Ha = sun, yang; Tha = moon, yin


Hatha Yoga acknowledges that life is a dance of opposites.


On the yoga mat, we might notice that without the inhales and exhales… moments of comfort and discomfort, feelings of joy and sorrow... life actually ceases to exist!

Hatha Yoga teaches us that there is a place from which we can witness what's happening as opposed to being at the mercy of life's constant ups and downs...

...A place where we can watch our preferences, judgements and aversions instead of identifying with them.

Hatha Yoga combines gentle yoga postures, breath work and meditation techniques to help us navigate change and duality with grace, freedom and ease.

beach yoga

In Ashley's Hatha Yoga classes you can expect a welcoming and inclusive environment of safety, reciprocity and support. She tends to incorporate moments of soothing mantra and harmonium music to connect with what's here and inspire stillness in a generally fast-paced and results-driven western world.


Every body should have the opportunity to feel united, whole and seen through the inner practice of union, or yoga.  Ashley's gentle teaching style and open, easygoing nature offers an approachable and accessible yoga experience for her students. 

To read about Ashley's personal yoga journey, please click here.

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