"Yogassage is like restorative yoga, savasana and deep tissue massage all rolled into one rejuvenating session. I highly recommend it!  I wanted to try it because I have very tense muscles and limited range of motion in my shoulders. Ashley was able to both stretch and massage the various muscle groups to get them to relax and improve my range of motion. She uses her body to assist the stretch in some poses which really gets the muscles to relax. It hurts so good! I felt so much better after just one session that I would go see her weekly if I could." -Alicia

YOGA POSES count for just one eighth of the complete mind-body-spirit practice that is yoga.


That's why Ashley's private yoga classes are committed to embracing and teaching yoga as a way of life as opposed to just an opportunity to become physically fit.

She holds private and couples sessions for all levels of practice at her studio.

A private session with Ashley may include:

~ Meditation techniques to suit your individual psyche

~ Assisted yoga postures that serve your unique body type and level of experience

~ Ayurvedic recommendations that restore balance to the body, mind and spirit

~ Yogassage to stretch and lengthen muscles and relax the body

~ Yoga Nidra, or guided yogic sleep, to reverse insomnia and irritability

~ Instructed breath work to improve the relaxation response

~ Chakra balancing to explore and heal deeper layers of emotional and energetic imbalance

~ Tarot readings to uncover resistance to inner archetypes and restore calm

  • As a Certified Tarot Reader, she offers Celtic Cross tarot readings at $45/ 30 minutes which serve to shed light on a topic or question. You may choose to add this service to the end of your session or book on its own.

Your 60-minute session will be tailored to your specific needs. Please share with Ashley in an email:

  • Your reason(s) for scheduling your session

  • Your body's physical needs and abilities/ injuries

  • Any items on the above list that are of specific interest to you


Private sessions with Ashley cost $90/ hour. A couples yoga session is $150/ hour.


If you have not had your chart read before, Ashley recommends that you consider scheduling a birth chart reading prior to your session. This experience will provide a framework through which you see your life and the world around you so that you may develop an awareness and overall understanding of your general tendencies and patterns from the inside-out.

Yoga for private parties may be booked by contacting Ashley directly.

Information about health from the consultations offered here does not diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions and is not offered or intended to function as medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, or care. Those seeking medical diagnoses, treatments, and/or care should seek help or advisement from licensed health care providers.  Ashley Matthews does not diagnose conditions, nor does she prescribe medicines, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.  It is recommended that you seek a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.

Please note there is a deposit of 50% required at time of booking. Cash, check or Venmo is accepted. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, your deposit will be withheld.

Free street parking all day and in the Professional Building Parking Lot located across the street on weekends and
weekdays after 5p.m.
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