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Free Guided Meditation for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Below is both an audio and transcript version for this meditation, written and spoken by Ashley Matthews. Find a comfortable seated position if possible and click the video below to begin the meditation. If you enjoyed this experience, please consider making a donation via Venmo @RideTheWaveYoga or mailed check.

Take your time to arrive.

If there’s any discomfort in the physical body, make your way onto your back. Let your body release. Let it go.

Find your natural breath.

Notice the soft compress of organs as you exhale. Chest, belly.

And the feeling of the in-breath as it enters the nostrils.

Ever so gently, slowly, allowing gravity to slacken muscles from bones on the out-breath.

Meditation is such a gift we give ourselves.

This slow process of becoming still both in body and in breath, in energy.

We’re making our way out of the auto-cognitive patterns that exist in all of us, simply because we are human, having a body and a human life…

…and tapping into the more subtle frequencies that exist around us, and that make connections to the heart.

It’s the subconscious, the nonverbal part of us.

The part of us that can sense when someone is, for example, looking at us and they’re not in immediate sight, and we turn our head over our shoulder to notice that they’re looking our way.

Or our instinct, our primal, intuitive, limbic part of our inner knowing.

When we meditate or sit down in stillness, it’s as though we’re harnessing magic.

We’re, in a sense, stopping time.

We’re getting tall, and, in getting tall, channeling more of the vertical energy of the planes of existence, as opposed to a linear or horizontal place of time.

Time moves on a linear path.

In meditation we are asked to get tall, aligned, and therefore, off the track of time.

So just notice for you, in this moment, all that’s happening in the physical body.

Just to become aware— not to need to do anything about it necessarily.

You can watch your mind.

Seeing the thoughts in the mind perhaps as clouds, shifting and changing form.

Giving a label to any sensation in body that feels difficult or even that which you welcome. Labeling space, or joy, discomfort, tension.

Our human anatomy is made up of 99.999% space.

So we’re tapping into the innate space that exists within our own human anatomy.

We’re just making contact with it.

Where there’s space, there is choice. There is freedom.

Giving yourself the space between this moment and the next one…

Between this task of meditating and the next event or thing to come in your day.

It is crucial, it is vital, for us to cultivate space in our lives.

It reminds us of all the freedom that exists to make life work for us, as opposed to making ourselves, in a sense, work on life’s terms and expectations.

Less ideas of who we should be… how we should live… how we should spend our money…

And more room for exactly how it is right now, without agenda, without judgement.

Take these next several minutes to just be.

Just to sit and soften.

A wonderful day for this, on the new moon. Today is a new moon. A reset.

A quiet or a dark time energetically.

An opportunity to press pause or let go of something that’s heavy.

To make space for all that is yet to exist, and more importantly, that which already exists… here and now.

If it’s helpful for you, mentally repeat to yourself on the inhale, “I know I’m breathing in,” and on the exhale, “I know I’m breathing out.”

Space here for you to create your reality. Thats what this new moon in the sign of Sagittarius is all about: Creating our reality through our very own thoughts.

You might intend for yourself and for others to make space for how the thoughts are so that we can start to cultivate the thoughts that we actually want to be telling ourselves day to day…

As opposed to thoughts, perhaps, of self sabotage and negativity, which are typically on autopilot. It’s in our DNA to go toward the negative a lot. We see that a lot.

Let’s make space for how it is so that we can change or alter our thought patters to serve us as opposed to control us or master us.

Breathing in and out.

Let’s take a couple more deep breaths together here.


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New moon is a powerful time! And since my Sun is in Gemini and this new moon is also in Gemini, it is even more powerful :) Sometimes I meditate and sometimes I say my favorite new moon affirmations.

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