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The Rose and the Thorn: Full Moon in Libra

This year's Libra full moon peaks on Thursday, April 6th at 12:34 AM EDT.

Libra governs the realms of relationship, balance and justice. This year’s full Libra moon takes place at 16 degrees, which is a part of the sky that can address issues particularly around heartbreak, betrayal and despair.

The beauty of our relationships, whether romantic, professional, friendly or familial, is that they can help us to know ourselves for who we truly are. The pain of relationships is that in order to feel love and joy, we also have to be willing to feel fear and grief.

Love and fear are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. This full moon highlights the pain of being fully human, and the time it can take to process, heal and gain wisdom from that pain, and eventually once again find peace.

It is said that what you choose to put out into the universe returns to you three-fold. So before you act on your emotions, give yourself the time and grace necessary to feel them and respond from a whole heart instead of reacting from a divided heart.

Jupiter and Chiron oppose this full moon, furthering the opportunity to grow and transform from and through our relational pain and suffering. What do I gain when I come into or out of relationship with someone? What do I lose?

The harmony and balance we seek in our relationships can only truly result from strengthening our relationships with ourselves. What are my needs? What are my boundaries? How might I start showing the same compassion and care to myself that I openly give to others?


You might also think back to what was going on in this twelve-month lunar cycle, around September 25th, 2022 — the last new moon in Libra. What is there to celebrate since then? What can be released?


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