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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

In the early hours of the morning on 11/30, the moon in Gemini opposed the sun in Sagittarius alongside the lunar nodes, ushering in a full moon lunar eclipse with effects lasting up to four weeks.

This eclipse is the first in a series of six eclipses on the Gemini/ Sagittarius oppositional axis. This eclipse season asks us to embrace our inner student, question norms and outdated beliefs, and seek out new information that will help lead us into the New Age.

The north node in Gemini points us toward tact, logic and curiosity. It is the sign of the Twins, affirming there are always two (or more!) sides to a story. Over the next four weeks, practice uncertainty, active listening, and adopting a Beginner's Mind.

The mind may feel extra "chatty" now, and if so, try writing, meditating, shutting off social/ news media, choosing not to immediately reply to a text, or taking a virtual yoga class. Words stem from thoughts, so be mindful about whose words you choose to believe—including your own.

The south node in Sagittarius offers insight into conditioned beliefs that are based in fear of not being "right". Unexamined thoughts can become dogmatic beliefs that make us aloof. You might question where a particular belief is coming from when it seems to cause you or others harm or stress.

As we move toward what's true based on the here and now over the next year, it is most important to practice loving awareness of yourself and others. Love helps lead us toward a place inside where there is room for complexity, error, and choosing better for ourselves and our future.



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