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The Astrology of Friday the 13th of November

The balsamic moon wanes toward a new moon on Sunday the 15th in the sign of Scorpio, inviting us to slow down, open to and feel what’s here, and align our emotions with how we’re choosing to manifest our lives.

The energy is low and quiet this weekend. Leaves fall and begin to compost the earth. A potentially eerie and familiar chill permeates the air during late autumn in the northern hemisphere. A new chapter prepares to initiate.

Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, the fiery planet of passion and action. The new moon in Scorpio is intensely interested in what lies beneath the compost. Its request is for us to “sit in the mud”… to really feel it, move through it, and begin to alchemize it toward our highest truth.

“Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandage place. That’s where the light enters.” ~Rumi

Under this moon we may recollect the pain of war, violence and/ or trauma on both personal and collective levels. If we can learn to lean into our darker nature with compassion, we can begin to transform our emotions into energy for constructive change and awakening.

Tonight Mars stations direct at 7:36p.m. after two long months of retrograde motion. Action and forward progress may have felt delayed or at a standstill since September 9, and starting tonight we may finally be ready to ease our foot back on the gas again.

Scorpio presides over the excretory parts of the body, such as the genitals, anus, nose, eyes, ears and mouth. The next two weeks are a good time to release and purify through recovery, repose and awareness of what you are choosing to take into the body through the senses.

People may try to pick a fight with you, but just remember: you are in control of your response, not their actions. Make space in your body, your physical environment and within your community to better inhabit the truth that you are not your emotions, you have emotions.

Deep breathing practices are a surefire way to train the body’s reactivity and slow the heart rate way down. When we choose a deep breath, we are rerouting the chemical pathways in the brain that may be conditioned toward overactivity and inappropriate responses to stimuli.

Other things to do this weekend to promote elimination and purification include taking an hour out for yourself to go on a walk, going to therapy, practicing restorative yoga, doing tax prep, and consuming warm, cooked foods with ghee slowly and with reverence for your body.

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