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"Stop and Smell the Roses" Under the Taurus New Moon Eclipse

The moon darkens at 10 degrees of earthy and sensual Taurus on Saturday, inviting us to slow down, appreciate our physical surroundings and delight in the ordinary.

This lunation's planetary ruler, Venus in spiritual Pisces, helps us to recognize the healing, regenerative and transcendent power of connecting with the natural world.

A partial alignment of the sun, moon and lunar nodes, or the two points of contact between the ecliptic and the moon's orbital path, causes a partial eclipse of the sun.

This is the first solar eclipse in our current 18-month cycle on the Taurus/ Scorpio axis, offering a new beginning when it comes to the ways we nourish, sustain and enjoy ourselves.

Rumi said just being in a body and sentient is a state of rapture. Just being here is a cause for celebration. It's our cause for grief too. But grief is also a form of joy. The rose celebrates by falling apart, the cloud celebrates by weeping. ~ Coleman Barks

Because the lunar nodes involve our karma and potential for repeating unhelpful patterns, it is wise especially during eclipses to practice self-awareness, mindfulness and non-attachment.

To get a taste of the theme for this eclipse cycle through October 2023, you might think back to May 2003—December 2004 which was the last period of time the lunar nodes were in Taurus and Scorpio.

This weekend we are urged toward the simple, streamlined and refined. Relationships of all kinds serve to stress-test whether we are upholding and honoring our values.

You might inquire: How is my life a reflection of my values? What happens as time naturally changes me as a person, but my values stay the same?

A tree releases its leaves come autumn knowing that it cannot produce fruit and flowers all year long. How might release become compost toward new growth?

This new moon in Taurus makes us aware of the essential balance between labor and rest. Am I happy with the balance here, or could I afford to embrace more of one or the other?

The south node in Scorpio promises an easy and complete release of the outdated, outgrown and overly-complicated in our lives if we are to heed our intuition as to "which weeds to pull."

Plans this Saturday may receive a curveball from planet Uranus, further behooving us to remain adaptive and hold to our center like a tree trunk in strong winds.

May the following acoustic version of the song "Seasons" by Rhys Lewis inspire us all toward the Taurean practices of moving inward, embracing change and letting go:



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