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Social Butterfly Full Moon in Gemini

The full moon conjunct Mars occurs on Wednesday, December 7th @ 11:06 pm EST in the Americas

This potentially socially busy and heated time is marked by the Gemini full moon conjunct mars at exactly 16 degrees. The last time mars was at 16 degrees was on September 20th and is currently retrograde; therefore, you may expect for people, sentiments or topics to revisit on or around this full moon time.

At this full moon we are asked to hold all of the divergent parts of ourselves, especially including the parts that are angry, hateful or revengeful. When we make space for how we feel without preference, we open up the option to consciously choose how we want to respond. Allow your feelings to move through you like waves and you will come out on the other side.

The moon conjunct Mars also highlights where or how we have been asked to get out of our own heads and take a step back since mars went retrograde on October 30th, specifically in terms of needing to make a decision, be “right” or ‘’figure it all out.’’ Identify how an agitating or anxiety-ridden activity might be fueled by pettiness, and ask how you might instead approach the situation from a place of passion.

You might find yourself easily getting a lot accomplished under this full moon, but be aware of the potential for burnt out. Aggression and constant activity can be disguised as the need to feel understood and wholly accepted. With Mercury, the ruler of this lunation, having recently entered cardinal Capricorn, try initiating conversations using percept language (‘’I feel,’’ ‘’I am scared,’’ ‘’I make me angry…’’) to help break down barriers and transform your relationships to self and other. You can learn more about percept language by researching the work of clinical psychologist John Weir.



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