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Better Beauty with Beautycounter

Skincare was my gateway to experiencing self-love. As a pre-teen I remember enjoying the ritual of using healthy, homemade masks on my face. Now, as an adult, the daily rhythm of my skincare routine, cleanse, tone, hydrate, moisturize, grounds me in my day and sets me up for the rest of my morning self-care rituals, including movement, meditation and journaling.

This summer a friend introduced me to Beautycounter, a cleaner beauty brand. I was immediately drawn to the company’s promise to prohibit the use of over 1,800 harmful or questionable ingredients in their cosmetics and skincare formulations because I know that what I put on and in my body directly affects how I feel.

After sampling just one of their overnight products, the next-day improvement in my skin’s texture was noticeable. I continued to experience the efficacy of the AHA mask and All Bright C Serum. Once I learned that Beautycounter advocates for safer beauty laws, and was successful in helping to pass 10 landmark pieces of clean beauty legislation since 2013, I was sold on their product and mission.

As a new Consultant and Better Beauty Advocate with Beautycounter, my mission is to get these safer, high-performing skincare and makeup products into your hands so that you, too, may experience the magic of clean beauty. My vision is that these products will support and inspire others to see their skincare routine as a simple and powerful way to practice self-care and self-love.

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Yours in wellness,




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