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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: A Moment of Meaning

As the sun prepares to complete its annual tour through the sign of fastidious Virgo this Wednesday, at the autumnal equinox, we pause to inquire at the full moon tonight, “is the effort worth the outcome?” Excellence and precision tend to work best when they operate from the truth that nothing lasts forever except for love.

The full moon in Pisces can feel like releasing a slow exhale or dissolving into a hot shower after a long day. You might ask to what degree you acknowledge impermanence in your own life. A moment of feeling out of control could send a reminder about the importance of acceptance, compassion, trust, and letting go.

Moon sextile Pluto offers dreams and feelings that put us in touch with messages forgotten, missed or hidden. Journaling, artistry and meditation can help us explore the unconscious and distinguish what is real (emotions, thoughts, events, people) from what is true (the part of us that can make space for what’s here).

It may be helpful to think back to March 13th, which was the last new moon in Pisces, to ask what was beginning around that time in terms of making meaning out of your life. Are you now at a turning point? And what can you let go of between now and the start of the next Pisces cycle on March 2nd, 2022?



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