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Full "Blue" Moon in Aquarius: Me vs. Us

By @Ash_TrologYogini (Ashley Leone)

The full moon peaked on Friday July 23rd at 10:35pm EST, while the sun in creative Leo directly opposed the moon at one degree of free-thinking Aquarius.

Also referred to as a "blue moon," this is the first of two full moons this solar month; the second occurring on August 22nd. This second full moon may further, repeat or up-level the story of this first full moon.

We can gain clues as to what this full moon is about personally by reflecting on themes and events on and around the last Aquarius new moon, on February 11th, and the Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction at the same degree of Aquarius, on December 20th, 2020.

Opposing astrological signs deal with the same concept but from different angles. Both Leo and Aquarius seek to understand the self in different ways. The Sun in Leo says, “I understand my strengths by taking healthy risks and gain confidence by courageously putting myself out there amidst criticism and judgement. The low-side expression of Sun in Leo is recklessness, attention-seeking behavior, and a disregard of others' expressed truths.

The Full Moon in Aquarius says, “I understand myself by examining the status quo; I am not afraid to rebel against what feels inauthentic, and I work hard to create beauty in my own way.”

The high-side expression of Moon in Aquarius is expressed as forthrightly rejecting the norm to determinedly turn one’s unique dreams and visions into reality. The low-side expression of Moon in Aquarius tends to be over-analysis, feeling paralyzed towards change, and criticizing the way others choose to live their lives out of fear or disconnection.

Here are some prompts for journaling or reflection at this full moon:

~ In what ways do I tend to compare myself to others creatively?

~ What feels challenging in my ability to express my true self?

~ In what ways is my freedom blocked or inhibited?

~ Where do I fear stepping into the spotlight?

~ What does a better life look like to me?

~ How am I second-guessing myself?

~ What do I love about myself?



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