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Be(longing) is in the Air...

The Tibetan Lunar New Year and the first new moon of 2021 in Aquarius inspire a fresh start, while six planets in the sign of the water bearer and humanitarian evoke feelings of longing & belonging.

Six planets—Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury the moon and sun—all meet today in the dead of the northern winter, in the sign of Aquarius. The last time this happened was in February 1962.

Often confused with being a water-sign due to its association with the life-giving and sustaining water bearer, Aquarius is an air-sign, offering humanity a glimpse into the truth of its nature.

Aquarian energy prefers the new to the old, invention to tradition, and togetherness to separation. Alas, what has 2020 taught us about how united we actually are in our solitude?

Feeling separate and alone can be all too real a sentiment for Aquarius. We all have the potential to feel this, so seek out the connection and support you may need now.

The new moon today aligns with the day before the Tibetan Lunar new year, or Losar, making it a wonderful time to clean your home, wrap up a project, and make some room for the new.

A serendipitous Venus/ Jupiter conjunction adds a warm, benevolent and celebratory quality to our endeavors throughout the weekend, just in time for V-day.

To welcome this lovely planetary energy, connect with your values, fearlessly envision your future, and indulge in the pleasure and enjoyment of being human, however you see fit.


If you are interested in creating community and connection, please consider joining in my LIVE virtual Gentle Yoga and Meditation class tonight, 2/11, from 5:30-6:30p.m. The video is only one-way to preserve the privacy of your practice-experience. Learn more and register now.



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