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The Astrology of Friday the 13th of December and Jupiter in Capricorn

We are still riding the waves of the full moon this week in Gemini, but now we get to cuddle or hunker back down with the waning moon in the emotionally stimulating sign of Cancer.

The moon represents our emotional body, and its sign change once every 2 1/2 days can lend clues about our needs.

Moon in Cancer today conjunct the North Node reflects the need to “go into our shell”… connect with family, comfort, and our home environment. We also may be inspired to appreciate what we have and where we are rather than what or where we're trying to get.

The full moon this week highlights the crazy-busyness of the season, because its ruler, Mercury, is the social butterfly planet. You may find yourself engaging with interesting conversations with neighbors and friends in your local community, picking up a book, or thinking about booking a trip.

We look to Mercury to give us more insight about what this full moon was about. Mercury moved into Sagittarius on December 9 after spending eight weeks in Scorpio digging up things from the past, as well as mucous and phlegm in the body. Perhaps you got sick!

With Mercury now in the sign of the archer until December 28, our thoughts a bit more uplifted. There is a confidence in our words and we can be inspired by our conversations. Now is a good time to let the mind roam and pursue spiritual endeavors.

Aiding our uplifting spirits, the Sun also sits currently in Sagittarius, asking, "What is my True North?" Jupiter, governing growth, expansion, learning and adventure, also recently completed a 13-month tour through this optimistic sign.

Take a moment to reflect on all that has happened for you since November of 2018. We have had the chance to say “yes” to a lot of things. Maybe you took a trip abroad, found a spiritual or religious group, or were extra generous with your time, money or resources.

Jupiter receives a reality-check now that it entered the sign of the mer-goat Capricorn on December 2nd. What were those big-ticket or big-dream items from the last year that require some revisiting in order to make them happen?

Grab a cushion, pen, and a hot tea (toddy?) and let's do some journaling:

What have I learned about myself since November 2018?

What is in my pipeline heading into 2020?

Choose one of the above. What are three practical tips toward accomplishing that goal?

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