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I hear you, Spirit...

You know what's really exhausting?

Letting the voices and opinions of others dictate your life's decisions.

You may not even realize it—your subconscious stores words, images and sounds that silently rule your every turn.

Or perhaps the distractions are loud and roaring, and eliminating the space within where spirit has a say.

Yes, that's it. Spirit.

When I was abroad in Asia this year, I gave myself the time and space to connect with spirit.

She was revered by me upon my return to the US. I praised and honored her every morning. I thanked her for steering me toward light on a moment-to-moment basis.

I fear that I have lost her in some way.

But we never lose her. That is the thing to remember.

Spirit is never lost unto us. We can just lose our connection to it.

You think there is this extra striving to connect to her. But that is not true, either.

What you have to do is stop. Pause long enough to listen. To feel.

As Danna Faulds says, "step off the fast track and listen

to the sound of breath and birdsong."

I hear you, mother.

May I remember that I am human, with all my imperfections.

I honor you for being here, always. A steady friend behind the veil.

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