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A thank you for your support ~

I am so grateful for the opportunity to marry two passions very near and dear to my heart in the opening of Ride the Wave Yoga.
My passion for hospitality was awakened while working at the front desk of blue, a boutique inn on Plum Island... the same Island on which I grew up.

The second passion, the passion for yoga, came when I was in college when I was introduced to Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and the idea that we are impermanent in these bodies here on earth.

When I was in Asia for three months at the start of this year, I didn’t want to come home. The experience opened me up to a whole new layer of myself and understanding of yoga.

Now I know why I came home. To hold this space for you all.

There are two Sanskrit words that inspire my teaching and life today. The first is smriti, meaning ‘that which is remembered,’ or who we are when all the layers of conditioning fall away.

The second, shruti, means that which is heard. If you have been to my yoga classes you know how passionate I am about holding space for students to make noise in class, via the breath, in a pose, or through mantra.

I think it is dangerous as a society that we have forgotten to remember who we are, which is pure light and heart. We forgot that we are unwavering consciousness, entirely whole as we are.

We forgot to make noise, to be human, to express ourselves honestly and often.

This is what yoga and astrology have radically done for me. These practices have cracked me open to my soul which so longed to become conscious. It is my intention as a business owner and yogi to continue to show up authentically in hopes that you will feel safe and free to do the same while you are in this space.

It has not been an entirely smooth road leading up to this day, but what a fantastic opportunity to practice what I preach.

To this day I am learning to not let fear keep me from following my heart. Because it can. And it can show up in the form of money, limiting beliefs, societal pressures, social conditioning, and the news.

I remind myself that we are constantly riding waves of emotions all our life. But we have all stood by the ocean at some point when the waves were roaring, only to return the next day and see the calm waters once again. The practice is in learning to remember that we are the whole ocean.

I look forward to riding the waves with you in this crazy, magical, mystical experience we so courageously signed up for.
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