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A heavy astrological week in 2019

“Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke

We currently sit between two eclipses on the cardinal axis of watery Cancer and take-charge Capricorn highlighting the relationship between family and career, rest and work, and surrender and control.

Emotions have been running high since the sun moved into Cancer on June 21. Events that occurred on or around January 5, as well as when the moon eclipsed the sun last Tuesday in Cancer, will help to inform our experience at the full moon lunar eclipse this Tuesday, July 16.

Eclipses occur when the sun and moon either conjunct or oppose each other on the moon’s nodal axis. The nodes of the moon represent the past and the future. If we are able to be here with what’s happening now great healing and transformation is possible.

Our response to the question, “Who am I apart from my family?” is helpful to observe compassionately as we approach major evolutionary changes, both collectively and individually in the year 2020.

The sun in Cancer shines a light on our ancestral roots and the desire to feel a part of a “soul tribe.” We are encouraged to focus on self-care, and become curious as to what extent our ability to do so is impacted by our parents’ ability to take care of themselves.

The moon in Capricorn represents the subconscious desire to break away from outdated traditions in order to create our own version of success. This archetype works steadily to firm boundaries and create the structures necessary to provide for and protect oneself and our loved ones.

This eclipse cycle is all about releasing the emotions and family ties that hinder us from forging our own path. Thankfully, feelings come and go, ebb and flow like ocean waves. They are as fluctuating as the tides, ruled by the moon and our own phase of life.

As we approach Tuesday, will you choose to fight the tide, or ride the wave?

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