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Are you afraid of the dark? On surrendering to life’s natural processes and the divine feminine

Why do humans tend to dislike darkness?

The not-so-obvious answer is that most humans make the choice to wake up each morning, subconsciously motivated by the desire to share a part of ourselves with the world and contribute to the betterment of humanity in some way.

The inborn intention to get out of bed and do good is underscored by the healthy masculine principles of initiation, assertion, and achievement, while the nighttime includes the equally important feminine principles of rest, nurturing, and yes, darkness.

Out of an underlying fear of not being in control all of the time, our culture has made the colossal mistake of teaching us that success is good and failure is bad while failing to recognize that the light simply can not exist without the dark.

Furthermore, the mindset that denies darkness is in denial with the feminine principles of nurturance, rest, and acknowledgement of the emotional body.

Herein lies the reason for the majority of our suffering as human beings in the 21st Century: An over-identification and attachment to feelings of achievement and success, when life experience has proven their impermanence.

While it is important to focus on the positives (otherwise we are stuck in a downward spiral of despair), we are stuck in a state of confusion as long as we continue to believe the story that the lightness is somehow “better” than the darkness.

“. . .Depression only happens to people who don’t know how to be sad. . .There are many animals that can express their happiness, but only the human animal has the genius to express a magnificent sadness. And for me it is something special; a daily meditation. Sadness is my one and my only art.”

~ Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

The Buddha taught about “the middle way” as a path to enlightenment, ecstasy and bliss. It is usually the path of most resistance because it involves releasing our grip on what’s familiar or taught and choosing to live from the largely uncharted territory of pure, unwavering awareness.

To reach this place requires 1) the belief that it can actually exist, 2) the desire to actually want to live from a place of ease and joy, and 3) the discipline to pursue choices that support us in our own evolution.

As we move collectively toward the darkness, it is helpful to note astrologically that since December of 2017 we have all been undergoing some form of resurrection of old patterns, people, and beliefs in order to release what has kept us feeling stuck for so long. In addition, an opportunity to unleash a new way of feeling safe and secure in the world is presented with a seven-year transit of Uranus into Taurus.

We can choose to over-identify with darkness, or create the space around what is here so that we may choose something more wise within ourselves.

Can you hold space for it all? Are you willing to welcome change and face the parts of yourself you have cast away, in order to make room for the light that exists there?

As we approach a new moon this Monday, June 3 at 6:02a.m. EST in the busy, communicative air sign of Gemini, it’s a great time to do some final “weeding” of your garden both metaphorically and physically to make room for some new seeds in the areas of hearing and speaking your truth.

Sending you light and love on the path,


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