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Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

When the moon’s nodal axis falls along the linear path of the sun, earth and moon, we experience an eclipse. The nodes of the moon change signs in approximate 18-month cycles, ushering in new lessons and flavoring the new and full moons they affect.

We have already switched nodes from Leo and Aquarius to Cancer and Capricorn in November of 2018, but we will have one last chance tomorrow evening to reassess lessons from the Leo/ Aquarius cycle which began in May of 2017 with our full moon total lunar eclipse in Leo.

The sign of Leo rules what we choose to create. Take a moment to note what you have been using your own vital energy to create since May of 2017. This may include artistic projects, children, joy, romance, playfulness, drama, and sense-fulfilling pleasures such as gambling and sex.

Secondly, ask yourself, who has actually been benefitting from these decisions? Are they contributing to the welfare of the collective? Have you been choosing to keep what is beloved to yourself, or do you share with your friends and community?

If we can recognize where fear holds us back from growth and ego shies us from who we are at our core, eclipses can act as immediate gateways toward truth. Use the energy of this eclipse to meditate and make a radical shift in the way you choose to express your heart's desires.

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