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Uranus adds unique flavor to this Full Moon

THE MOON IS WAXING through fiery, active Aries and approaching a full moon in the sign of earthy, comfort-seeking Taurus at 12:59P.M. EST. While the full moon tours this sign for the next 2 1/2 days, you may feel the desire to fill your body with nourishing foods, receive massage, be in nature, or become practical in matters concerning the heart.

However, there is a slight interrupption. The current full moon sits beside Uranus, God of the Sky, representing spontaneous combustion, revelatory thought and action, and quick forward-motion. It seems like the universe is pushing us to find stability in change.

This planetary aspect activates a theme from mid-May of this year having to do with feeling like the ground beneath us has been broken up in order to get us to look at our lives in a brand new way, free up stagnation, and inspire growth.

In what area of your life you have been feeling this energy? Is there a thought pattern or belief that has not been helpful when it comes toembracing new territorythat you may be ready to shed along with this full moon energy?

At the same time, Venus, Goddess of Love,is sitting directly across from La Luna and has been spinning retrograde since October 5. Retrogrades signal periods of reflection and reworking, and in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, Venus asks us to reflect on whether decision based on emotion has been getting us the results we actually want, especially when it comes to our 1-1 relationships. She will challenge us to question whether or not we are giving ourselves enough self-love until November 17.

There is a lot more astrological movement in store for us before year's end, and if you're interested to see where and how it will be effecting you directly, please reach out to book a session.

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