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June Astrological Forecast

5/6/18: Waning quarter moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune.

Today the sun is sitting square to the moon. We have two quarter moons per lunar cycle, which sit on either side the new and full moons. These days can feel tense, and are meant exactly for pausing and assessing. The moon is currently in the sign of Pisces and sitting right next to the planet Neptune, the god of the sea, disillusionment, creativity, and reclusion. This quarter moon asks us to reflect on whether our current choices, whether in relationship, career, finances, or our own health and wellness are fulfilling the desire for deeper meaning or spirituality in our lives.

We are already almost one full week into June and just two weeks away from the start of summer. On June 21 the sun will make his annual ingress from Gemini to Cancer and the whole world will experience the longest day of the year. Cancer season is a kickstarting and watery time of year, and with Mars, our aggressive planet and God of War going retrograde June 26 through late august, I can’t stress enough how important it will be going into this next month to take ownership of your own anger. This Mars Rx is also happening right on top of an angle of the moon called the South node which is currently in the sign of Aquarius and can bring up old wounds and conditioned behavior dealing with feelings of isolation and the parts of us that resent being left to do it all on our own.

If parts of you have felt a bit “removed” from the rest of society lately, you might ask yourself how, when, and why you have physically placed yourself outside of your circle , or how you might be contributing to your own feelings of disempowerment and disengagement. If there is a person who should be addressed, use Mars’ support to speak up… just make sure you are not harming yourself in the process. You might very well have the opportunity to shift some gunk related to your past toward the end of this month.

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