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Astrological Musings for May

Monday, May 7 : Last Quarter moon in Aquarius, time to relax your grip & open yourself to unlimited potential in love, finances, friendship, personal wellness, and sense of 'self.' Today the sun squares the moon in the sign of spontaneous combustion, breaking out of old patterns, and challenging the “old” or “familiar” way of doing things. As we prepare for the new moon next Tuesday in Taurus, use the rest of the day today and tomorrow to reinvent yourself and do some research. The full moon in scorpio on the 29th of April involved watery and emotional energy, and may have left us with some hard truths. So use this last quarter moon to shake things up in order to start anew early next week. This weekend, May 12 & 13 : mercury in Aries square mars in capricorn; mercury conjunct uranus in Aries As John Mayer says, “say what you need to say” on Saturday. It would be okay to have that difficult conversation on this day. On mothers day, sunday, be open to plans changing spontaneously, and use this energy to think outside the box in whatever area of your life you might be feeling stuck. May 15 : new moon in taurus / Uranus into Taurus / Mars in Aquarius through end august, square Uranus Whatever major shift or change occurs on or around this day at 11:20a.m. EST sets the stage for the next seven years. (no pressure.) As with everything, there is an opportunity to learn. Uranus entering the fixed sign of taurus begs us to release old value placements, ideas about money, our own financial capability, romance, or anything that is comfortable or familiar but causes stagnation and immobility. Take this next week to evaluate what you have been holding on tight to, and trust me when I say prepare to let it go! The positive energy this planetary shift brings is stirring us up in order to get a clearer look at what’s really going on once the mud settles. Mars in Aquarius. Mars takes immediate action while Aquarius has no problem evaluating from the sidelines. These energies often clash, so before you jump the gun, notice if some time apart or seeing things from the sidelines might actually help the situation. ✨✨SPECIAL: I am offering an e-reading on which area of your chart uranus in taurus will be effecting and what this means for you going forward. I will provide these readings throughout the month of May for a special rate of $35. Email your birth date place and time to for your reading! Venmo payment accepted***

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