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Hurry Up and Wait: Mercury Rx in Aries

Mercury Rx is at it again ... and in the first of three fire signs he will appear to be reversing direction within this year. Over the past few weeks, #mercuryretrograde in Aries, plus a pileup of tougher planets in Capricorn, the “Grandfather” sign of the zodiac, 🐐have been challenging us to surmount emotional setbacks that are getting in the way of our long-term plans. Communication and deals want to move forward but may be going awry. Astrology for the week: Waning moon tonight (Tuesday) in Aquarius - 🌐 a great time to go inward and challenge yourself to ask the hard questions: Is this what I truly believe? How am I serving others with the work that I do? Time to think outside the box! Wednesday 4/11 💌 A very auspicious day for love. The sun in Aries □ Pluto in Capricorn - asking ourselves the hard question of who we are and what we want in order to reemerge as the person we always knew we were.

🐃🌙Venus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn - getting what we finally deserve from love (this often comes from giving up control) Saturday 4/14 ✨🌟✨ Jupiter in Scorpio *sextile* Pluto in Capricorn - ideal opportunities coming our way - uncovering deeper truths - we get the planets of benefit and transformation forming a magical connection three times this year. It already happened once on January 16. Check back in your journal or agenda book on that day and see if it was a day of particular breakthrough or progress. This Saturday will be a fabulous time to meditate and reflect particularly on our three-year forward motion with the new moon in Aries the very following evening. Also on this day is Mars * Neptune - a great day to take inspired action toward an ideal situation

Sunday 4/15 ••• We end this week/ start the next week with a NEW MOON 🌑in Aries ☄️☌ Uranus 9:58pm EST - Mercury also stations direct in Aries - time to say the things that you need to say for yourself. repair for some unexpected change or shift to occur for you with this new moon. Use the waiting energy of this week to go within. (I have three spots left for my three hour restorative yoga retreat this Saturday from 12:30-3:30pm.) You can book a 30 minute discovery session that will uncover where you are being affected specifically by this crazy energy by booking with me directly. Hang in there, my friends!

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