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Sayonara New Years Resolutions, Hello Astrological Intentions

On Wednesday, January 31 at 8:37a.m. EST, we will experience a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo, bringing a certain energy that will sustain us for the next six months.

So, what does this mean?

On the 31st, the moon will be in the sign of Leo and the sun will be in Aquarius. They are sitting opposite from one another in the zodiac, or the sky as divided into 12 areas of life. We focus on the moon in astrology because it is the fastest-moving planet in the sky and therefore affects us most often.

Eclipses are traditionally associated with more heightened energy than a traditional full moon, as the sun, moon and earth sit in one roughly straight line. This acts as a portal for new growth or change.

Eclipse cycles occur approximately every six months and change their nodal signs, or “karmic lessons,” every 19-or-so years. We have been in the nodal cycle of Leo/ Aquarius since Feb 10, 2017, which asks us to reflect on whether FEAR is holding us back from sharing our innate creativity and joy with the larger community.

Because the eclipse cycles occur every six months, we may see a resurgence of events or lessons from the total solar eclipse in Leo on August 21 of 2017 that spanned the entire continental U.S., or more largely, themes from 1998-2000, which was the last of the Leo north node series.

When the moon is in Leo, there is an abundance of playfulness, joy, lust, love, leadership, and creativity to be discovered within and acted upon. If you know a Leo you might see that s/he is happiest when s/he is engaging in sensual pleasure or excitement, taking leadership of his/her own life, or experiencing childlike joy.

The truth is, we all have areas or aspects of ourselves that are Leonian.

As you prep for this next eclipse cycle, reflect back on mid-August of last year. Was there a major lesson about taking a non-egoic stand in your own life?

I will give you a fabulous example from my own life. I chose to jump in the ocean at Plum Island with my surfboard right around the time after the solar eclipse. This included some major wave aftermath from Hurricane Irma. Thanking goodness for my breath, I was able to escape death that day. As I reflect back, my choice to dive in came from an egoic and non-intellectual place.

Great questions to ask yourself around the 31st of this month include:

-How has my energy shifted from impulsivity to intellect since August of 2017?

-To what capacity am I ready to step up or down as leader of my own life?

-Where are my creative energies being pulled?

-How can I be more lustful or playful with my own sensuality or that shared with another?

-How can I embrace a more developmental or curious attitude to that which is causing me strife or turmoil right now?

Astrology does not predict the future. It simply offers a tool that shows us where we are supported to make important choices or where to focus our energy for more balance.

The new moon in Capricorn yesterday evening at 9:29 EST marked a culmination of enormous Capricorn energy which has subconsciously pushed us to plan, accomplish, restructure and reorganize since the New Year. This full moon lunar eclipse on the 31st comes at a perfect time to let go of anything we’re ready to shed in preparation to share with the world what we’ve been creating!

As I mentioned, this is a six-month cycle. Full moons are associated with waxing, or building energy. Think of the next six months as a time to grow your crops in preparation to “reap what you’ve sown” in time for the partial solar eclipse in Leo on August 11. From there, we undergo one last six-month reflection period before our next nodal cycle.

If you are interested in exploring what area of your life this eclipse cycle will effect, please reach out to me to book a transit reading. $65 gets you 30 minutes of radical information for clarity, insight and purpose. You will need your birth time. For more information and testimonials, please go to 'Offerings > Astrology'.

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