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Welcome Final New Moon of 2017

The inky blackness surrounding the new moon reminds us that it is okay to go within. Counter to the full moon when the sun's light shines fully upon our lives, inviting us to shed the people, material objects, and old thought patterns that keep us small, the new moon is a time of journeying inward and setting intentions for the coming 28-day lunar cycle.

The moon, along with Venus and Saturn, are in the sign of Sagittarius, which mean a few things.

First, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, representing expansion, grace, faith, freedom, and truth-seeking.

With this new moon in Sag, we are asked to set new intentions that cause us to “break free” from old patterns, wounds, and conditioning.

Venus in Sagittarius has caused us to philosophize about our current relationships, while Mercury in retrograde may have even caused some old flames to physically or mentally resurface, reminding us of all we have learned.

Saturn is about to exit out of its approximate three-year transit through Sagittarius and into its own sign of Capricorn, the “onward and upward” mountain goat of the zodiac. We realize just how much we have grown through all of our experiences and that we are ready to embark on the path of what’s to come with confidence and a strong work-mentality.

Since the potent super moon on December 3 and Mercury retrograde, the universe has been asking us to slooooow doowwwn. Mercury Rx often gets a bad rap due to the disruptions it causes within IT and travel; however, this transit, occurring three times per year, reinforces the yogic lesson that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to pause, step back, and look at the details.

Have you ever had a friend who had to cancel on you last minute and you thought, “thank goodness, I needed to stay in tonight”? Well, Mercury Rx gives us this opportunity. We are 12 days in and have about 8 days to go. So feel free to stay in. ;-)

This new moon comes at a potent and magical time, as we have about two more weeks left of 2017. Venus and Mars in Sagittarius toward the start of this month gave us the opportunity to answer the hard question, "what do I truly want?" and set us up for alignment in 2018.

The past several years have been about learning, experiencing, and “living it up,” and with Saturn now entering Capricorn we look forward to committing to what's important to us... and then to getting busy doing it!

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