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BALI 2019 ~ FAQs and Policies

Q: How big is Bali, and how far away is it?


     A: Bali, an island province of Indonesia, is slightly larger than the State of Delaware.

It is located between Java and Lombok, 10,125 miles from New York City, 8,617 miles from Los Angeles, and 7,739 miles from London.

Q: How long does it take to fly to Bali from Boston?

     A: It is roughly a 20 hour flight non-stop from Boston to Denpasar, Bali. Flights often connect through San Fransisco, Hong Kong, or Singapore. As of September 25, 2018 there are round-trip tickets available for as low as $869 on


Q: Will I need a Visa to go to Bali?


   A: Yes. Fortunately, for visits of 30 days or less you can purchase your Visa, $35 USD, upon arrival. You will also have to pay a departure tax, approximately $15.  More info website.

Q: Are certain immunizations required for me to enter Bali?


     A: Only routine vaccinations are recommended to enter Indonesia. More info here

Q: Will this retreat be suitable for all levels and abilities of yoga practice?

     A: Yes! Between Ashley and Greg you will have the support of over 1,000 hours of training and decades of teaching experience to provide you with the best experience suited for you.

Q. How far away is the Resort from the beach?


     A: The resort is located up on the cliffs and so it takes anywhere between 10 - 20 minutes to get to the beach via car depending on what beach you go to. There are about eight different beaches in the Uluwatu area.


Q: Is it worth upgrading to the Lumbunga cottage?

     A: The Deluxe Lumbunga is a traditional two story Bali cottage, with a king bed on the upper level, and a living area and bathroom below. They are ideal for those who would like more space, tradition and privacy.

Q: Can I share a Standard Paradise Room with someone and pay the double occupancy rate?


     A: Most likely, Yes!  We will do everything we can to secure you a roommate of the same gender. If we are not able to, however, by February 1, 2019, you will have to pay an additional $250 for the single occupancy.  Best to commit early, so we have time to match you up!


Q: I have specific dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate me?


     A: Yes. The resort's menus can be personalized according to your requirements. Please let us know well in advance of the retreat if you have any dietary restrictions.

Q: Can I come for less than the 10 days?


     A: Yes. Here is our policy: $100 off per night that you do not come between 6 and 9 nights.

Q: What will our daily schedule look like?


     A: Our retreat together will be organized to maximize your personal growth and provide ample time for rest, relaxation and exploration.

A typical day might look something like this:

6:30     Morning Sadhana, yoga & meditation

8:45     Breakfast

10:30   Workshop

1:00     Lunch

4:30     Restorative Practice

6:30     Dinner

The schedule will be customized, however, for time off, excursions, and needs of the group.

Q: What is your payment schedule and cancellation policy?

     A: Payment schedule: 


A $500 deposit is required to secure your spot.


50% of Total Payment due by December 15, 2018


100% of Total Payment due by February 1, 2019


     Cancellation/ Refunds Policy:


Before November 1, 2018                          100% of Total Payments Refunded


November 1 to December 15                     90% of (Total Payments minus $250)


December 16 to January 31                        60% of (Total Payments minus $250)


February 1 to 25, 2019                                30% of (Total Payments minus $250)


After February 25, 2019                             No Refund


We recommend purchasing travel insurance for your trip.

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