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Qi Gong + Tai Chi

Qi Gong and Tai Chi are ancient holistic systems with roots in Chinese medicine. This standing practice will help you coordinate body posture, movement, breathing and meditation to improve organ function, gain better balance, increase flexibility, and provide overall well-being.

Image by Saffu

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Hatha Flow

Hatha (Sanskrit):
Ha = sun, yang
Tha = moon, yin

This class welcomes varying levels of abilities and experience for a balancing practice between left and right sides of the body, or yin and yang. After a centering guided meditation, modifications will be provided through a series of postures that will invite openness in the body, concentration of the mind, and awakening of the spirit. Enjoy live harmonium music and mantra throughout Ashley's classes.

Image by Colin Maynard

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with Ashley

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Gentle Yoga

This gently flowing class provides the opportunity to gain mobility, increase flexibility and promote space in the body and mind. This class sometimes incorporates live music, and always breath work and guided meditation to leave you stepping off your mat feeling open, calm, and connected to yourself.

Image by Jacob Townsend

Mondays with Ashley



Yoga for Inflexibility

Before you can be flexible, you have to become joint-mobile. This class will focus on moving the joints in the ways they like to be moved in their sockets, while using bolsters and blocks to stretch/ counter stretch repetitively trained muscles into a more open and spacious place. In this class you will also learn the sacred act of taking a pause and practical tools such as breath work and meditation.

Image by Joschko Hammermann

Thursdays with Ashley



Restorative Yoga

In this class you will be guided to rest, recharge and renew the body through a series of yoga postures lasting approximately five minutes each. The use of yoga props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets assist the body in resetting the central nervous system.

Image by Matt Hardy

Sundays with Kerri


Tuesdays with Ashley


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