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Owner & Founder, Astrologer

Hatha and Kripalu Yoga

Inspired by an Indian and Asian philosophy class in college and the Buddhist teaching of impermanence, Ashley formally began teaching yoga and meditation in 2011. The moon became a comforting presence whenever she found herself traveling far from her home on Plum Island, Massachusetts. Ashley became a Certified Alchemical Astrologer in 2017 to help her understand how the cycles of the planets and stars could help inspire and inform her life here on Earth.

Her yoga teaching practice is driven by an unending search for truth and the understanding that change is the only constant. Like the waves of the ocean, we can learn to cultivate resilience by observing the pause between the incoming and outgoing breath. Ashley's classes are gentle and meditative in nature, and often incorporate moments of soothing chanting and harmonium music to connect with what's here and create balance in an otherwise fast-paced and results-driven world.

Ashley holds over 1,000 hours of Hatha yoga teaching experience, as well as a Kripalu-based 200-hour certification, 100 hours of study in Bhakti yoga and Kirtan, and 112 hours of apprenticeship under Dr. Mouleeswaran, M.D., PhD (AYU) in Foundations of Ayurveda. Ashley's two trips to India since 2018 have given her a unique lens through which she works with others to help bring balance between an eastern and western approach to living life.

Ancient arts such as Astrology, Tarot and Ayurveda help to guide Ashley and her clients when considering life's most pressing questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? What is the work I am here to do in this life? How can I find lasting happiness? She weaves teachings from spiritual dharma teachers Tara Brach, Johnathan Foust and Danna Faulds into her yoga classes, international retreats and private work.  You can read more about Ashley's past work and credentials here.



Qi Gong & Tai Chi

Mary holds her 500 hour certification from the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA where she is also currently in study to complete her 1000 hour certification.

She is is co-owner and facilitator of Vishuddha Yoga Teacher Training, a 200 hour certification yoga teacher training program approved through Yoga Alliance.

Mary holds certifications in Yoga of the Heart for individuals recovering from heart and brain surgery, Integrated Positional Therapy, using muscle release, strain/ counter strain, and yoga posture to relieve pain, and Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing.

She has instructed over 2000 hours of yoga and follows the ancient tradition of body and breath awareness in teaching each pose. Mary's passion for the practice of yoga is based on gentle, healing poses, safely leading each student into his/ her expression of pose by honoring and trusting his/ her own body's wisdom.



Restorative and Vinyasa Yoga

Kerri holds her 200 hour certification through Well Heart Yoga in Maine and is currently working toward earning her prenatal credential through Rooted Boston and Coolidge Yoga.


In 2010 this lifelong athlete was recommended by her orthopedic to “stretch,” which is when she found yoga— but really much more. She began to slow down, become more patient, aware, present and mindful.


Kerri is a full-time high school Wellness Teacher and is passionate about incorporating yoga, meditation, and mindfulness into programming with her students.


Kerri's style of teaching emphasizes strength, breath connection, and mindfulness. Her hope is that students will walk away not only feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally, but inspired to transfer that energy into their approach to daily life.

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