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Seeing Yourself as A Success, Even Now, Under the Capricorn Full Moon

On Monday, July 3rd, at 7:37 AM EST, the earth's close proximity to the moon will create a large "super" moon. At each start to the summer in the northern hemisphere, the moon falls in the sign of Capricornus, the sea goat. The sea goat is based on the ancient Babylonian myth of Purification God Ea, who had the upper body of a goat and the lower half of a fish.

It is said that after spending days on land, this mythological sea goat would purify himself by spending his nights in the sea. Water has long been associated with purification and renewal. Every morning the sea goat arises to climb a new mountain after retreating from beneath the water. This myth makes me think about the importance of nurturance, self-care and private time.

Under this full moon we may be aware of the sustaining practices that allow us to go out into the world and climb mountains. Opposite the sun in the soft, watery sign of Cancer, these may involve ritual beside or within the element of water, expression of our most tender emotions, and replenishment on a soul-level.

The sea god was later associated by the Greeks to Pan, God of the Wilderness. Pan helped Zeus conquer Typhon in a great battle at sea, to which Zeus thanked the happy man-goat by granting him the legs of a fish.

There is a lot we can fear in the wild. And yet, Pan is greek for "all," meaning we are all upon this wild earth together. And because we are all of this earth, we are all a little wild.

This full moon reminds us that there are some things outside of our control, both without and within. What we can control is our relationship to them. Am I willing to accept the parts of myself that are wild, that are fully human? How might I make space for the complexity of my emotions? As I allow myself to soften and relax, where might I feel myself returning to my own humanity?

You may become aware of a professional, relational, personal or emotional "mountain" you have been climbing since the last new moon in Capricorn on December 23, 2022. What has been motivating you up this mountain: love or fear? (Fear can often show up as lack mindset, unworthiness or doubt.) Another good way to tell is whether your body contracts or relaxes at the inquiry.

Can you appreciate yourself for this mountain you have been climbing over the last six months? What about seeing yourself as a success, even now? And if you're unhappy with the view, is it possible to slowly back down the mountain, take a proverbial dip in the ocean, and then choose a different approach-- or perhaps a different mountain altogether?

I recently heard the idea that "true success is measured by a calm nervous system." Even as I type those words, I feel my entire physical body soften and relax. I feel a deeper breath rising from within. Under this full moon, may you drink from the proverbial wellspring of love. May you choose to train your nervous system toward calm to sustain you in the tasks that matter most to your heart.



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