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Full Moon in Libra: Balancing of Opposites ~ April 19, 2019; 7:12a.m. EST

This potent full moon occurs with the sun and moon at the final degrees of ARIES and LIBRA. Whenever the moon is full, it is always present in the sign opposite of the sun.

This moon is referred to as a PINK moon by the Native Americans who recognized the full moon right before Taurus season as the official transition between winter and spring, as color would once again begin to emerge from beneath the earth.

The SUN represents what the world sees (our ego, consciousness) while the MOON represents what the world typically does not see (the id, or subconscious).

When the sun opposes the moon, the truth of who we are is illuminated. Depending on where we’re at on our individual journey toward self-evolution, this can either be scary or intriguing.

This opposition is why full (and new) moons can arouse such discomfort. We are urged to reconcile the light and dark/ positive and negative/ good and bad within ourselves.

LIBRA deals with our relationship to the outside world and the people in our lives. Think partnerships of any kind, marriage, and the issues of justice, fairness, and equality.

ARIES is mostly concerned with the individual, our unique personality, and our physical health. The planet Uranus currently sitting conjunct the sun in Aries adds a flavor of rebellion and the need for freedom to the already independent and fiery nature of Aries.

A common question at this time is whether our current relationships foster a sense of mutual freedom and the ability to “be ourselves” while still co-existing. Are we able to strike a peaceful give-and-take in our external relationships, or is it time to quit?

This may be one of the most potent full moons of our “calendar year” in that we have just begun the zodiacal new year (start of Spring, on the Spring Equinox, when the sun moved into the constellation Aries on March 20) and this is the second full moon in Libra since that date (we call this an astrological “blue moon”).

No matter our current relationship status or where we are at in our own soul’s evolution, we are all undergoing some form of release, letting go, and shedding right now. This is due to an additional configuration of the darker south node of the moon, Pluto, and Saturn all in hard-lining Capricorn.

If you are interested in exploring these topics further, I urge you to attend a monthly full moon circle (I have ONE spot that just opened today for tomorrow evening's moon circle!!) where together we will meditate and reflect upon these themes via guided journaling, tarot, and discussion.

$30; 7-9p.m. at The Yoga Center of Newburyport. Click HERE to RSVP!

With love,


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